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Welcome to http://coastalhazards.uprm.edu. This page is maintained by Mr. Harry Justiniano Sepulveda and Prof. Aurelio Mercado-Irizarry, both at the Physical Oceanography Laboratory (Lab from now on) of the Department of Marine Sciences, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus (UPRM). The purpose of this page is to make available to the public the latest work carried out at the Lab, with the option of being able to download maps produced at the Lab and other products. Amongst these other products you will be able to find reports, maps, PowerPoint presentations, photos, and relevant latest news.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, and can be addressed to


As the name of the page implies, the work we do at the Lab is related with the numerical simulation of coastal hazards, and the preparation of inundation maps based on the hazards simulated. As of this moment, the hazards included are:

  • Sea level rise around Puerto Rico

  • Storm surges around Puerto Rico

  • Tsunamis around Puerto Rico

We will also include photos, reports, and news related with coastal issues in Puerto Rico, including the never ending story of the maritime-terrestrial zone in the island.

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Welcome to Coastal Hazards of Puerto Rico
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